Published March 7, 2022

Alexander Brattell examines the role of visual perception in the current issue of nationally acclaimed Black and White Photography Magazine. In a full and interesting article by Elizabeth McClair-Roberts he talks about the journey that led him from studying Psychology to making fine art photography.

“For many of us, our early lives are about searching for what and who we are and how to shape our lives to fit that imprint. So it was with Alexander Brattell, who started out studying psychology at Liverpool University. ‘The first year was wonderful – I did units in film studies, philosophy and psychology and it opened up all sorts of questions for me,’ he says. But by the second year, he found a disparity between the model of psychology teaching and what he was looking for. ‘It didn’t explain anything about my own life.’ And so started a journey that was to ultimately end in fine art photography.”

‘The Aesthetics of Absence’ images form part of his recently completed MA in Photography: History, Theory, Practice at Sussex University. He is currently working with the series to produce a new book of work.

Article quotation by Elizabeth McClair-Roberts.
The full article is available to read in the current: Black+White Photography – Issue 262
Main image : Above South St, July 2015. From the series Still Point, Prints 2016.
All images © Alexander Brattell and are from various series of work.

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