Electro Studios Project Space
20 – 23 October inc. 2022
5 Seaside Rd, Saint Leonards-on-sea, TN38 0AL
Open 11-5pm Daily
PV Friday 21 October 6 – 8pm – All welcome

An exhibition of work by Gary Willis

Perhaps instead of hanging canvases from walls, the walls themselves become the art?

Continuing themes from my previous exhibition (‘Don’t Look Up’/Photopia Summer 2022), this collection now celebrates colours, light, shade and contrast on walls and vertical surfaces. Glimpses of nature reacting with those fabricated mundane backgrounds. Looking and discovering the abstract and atmospheric with everyday details. Adding only tweaks to colour saturation and contrast, all images are as seen in their natural state.

So next time you pass a wall, give it a second glance. Because only then will you discover those hidden stories.

Image: © Gary Willis 2022
Information: Gary Willis  |  Electro Studios Project Space
Prints/Commissions are available from the artist.

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Electro Studios Project Space
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