Electro Studios Project Space
20 – 23 October inc 2022
5 Seaside Rd, Saint Leonards-on-sea, TN38 0AL
Open 11-5pm Daily
PV Friday 21 October 6 – 8pm – All welcome

An exhibition of work by Neale Willis

So let us for a moment consider a photograph. No longer the result of a series of chemical swilling around in a dark room, today an image is only an image because an algorithm says it is.

So let us begin by asking a computer to collect a series of images. But the machine is heavy handed. In a blink of an eye we have 2.21TB of data.

Did it enjoy collecting these files. Is it satisfied with its work? I don’t know. Shall we ask it? It didn’t reply. Perhaps it’s in a mood.

What these images contain is of no interest to the machine, that it is data is enough.

All they know is brute force of thought – to look for repeating patterns, to bludgeon their way to a conclusion.

So let us watch as this happens.

Image: © Neale Willis
Information: Neale Willis  |  Electro Studios Project Space

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