The Outside In Project

From May 2020 ongoing
Virtual Gallery via Instagram @theoutsideinproject

Outside In is:
The wild indoors?  :  The domestic outdoors?  :  Safe wildness?  :  Where outside and inside meet?  :  Nature in enclosed spaces?
Or however you choose to interpret it..

Responding to the lack of outlets for showing work, and the sense of isolation experienced by many artists during lockdown, Robin Hutt has been making use of instagram to compile a virtual gallery by encouraging other photographers (so far more than 50 photographers from 8 countries and 4 continents) to contribute their own work on the ‘Outside In’ theme. The project celebrates all it’s contributors for sharing their creativity and in doing so finding new audiences for their work.

The Instagram project @theoutsideinproject is still running and accepting work. To submit images contact Robin on @robinlahutt or by email.

Information: @theoutsideinproject  |  @robinlahutt  |

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