The Memorial Studio
2nd Floor, 7 Cambridge Road, Hastings TN34 1DJ
The exhibition and studio will be open 12-5, Fridays to Sundays throughout October
Sittings can be booked 12 – 3, and will be available for viewing and photographing from 3pm until dusk.

Exhibition and
FREE sittings – Individual and group sittings, pets and props all welcome!

“Yesterday I popped into the Memorial Gallery in Hastings Town Centre for a look at the recently rediscovered purpose-built North-facing skylight that was an essential feature of the original photographic studio built in 1864. I saw copies of many of the original portraits, and new ones, plus a wonderful painting of a photographer’s studio, then had my portrait picture taken by the excellent Toby Shaw. It was wonderful. He made me feel like I was a model for Vogue (anyone who knows me will realise what a transformation that would be!). Much to my surprise, the whole experience left me feeling restored, relaxed, cleansed and exhilarated. Just like a massage. And I had a free portrait done to boot.” – Michael Hambridge

Memorial Studio director Beatrice Lacey has invited photographers Toby Shaw & Alex Brattell to collaborate in exploring, reviving and celebrating this exquisite space. The Memorial Studio will temporarily re-open as an exhibition about portrait photography and functioning portrait studio offering sittings to the public. Following the tradition begun in 1864 when the purpose built studio was first opened, booking sittings and welcoming passing visitors for individual and group photographic portraits.

Toby Shaw and guest photographers are offering free sittings including a free still or moving image file. Cartes de visite, cabinet cards and framed portraits will be available to purchase. When the studio is not booked visitors will be invited to contribute to the The Memorial Studio project by making their own portraits and selfies.

Cutting through time, a changing exhibition in the studio’s waiting room will showcase the studio’s activities and history just as it did in the nineteenth century. The visit to the photographer’s studio, a formal and intimate moment of recording presence and identity for posterity whilst also connecting us with our past, is now in danger of becoming forgotten as an experience and an event. An experiment with time, The Memorial Studio will be inspired by the past to record the present, creating memories for the future.

We apologise for no disabled access, there are three flights of stairs (originally the trade entrance, the main entrance in Robertson St no longer survives).

Image: © Toby Shaw
Studio Director: Beatrice Lacy  |  Toby Shaw  |  Alexander Brattell
Information: Memorial Studio Project 2022  |  @photolacy07
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