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Andrew Moran and David Fowler

Creating a mixed media single art piece of 50 parts, using still life painting and photography.

The driver for the production of work for this show grew from a recent re-encounter of two creative practitioners. David fowler, illustrator, graphic designer and painter and Andrew Moran, photographer, who had worked closely in an academic setting for eight years prior to a ten year hiatus. In a recent coming together of minds they drew their differing practises together towards showing work under the title of, ‘Small Stories’.

Discursive conversation prompted ideas around the immediacy of photography’s record versus the accumulation of mark-making in painting; its fundamental method of representation. Both practitioners were involved in still life practise with David Fowler working quickly and with energy, allowing the immediacy of impasto to suggest light on surface or the suggestion of colour and tone. These are one-day paintings, small studies made in a relatively short period of time; exploiting quick access to ideas through the use of everyday objects. There is a mercurial sense of humour present in the images. Whereas, Andrew Moran’s working method involves questions of keeping and relinquishing control over the construction of an image, what meaning might be behind the production of work and whether lightness of being might be allowed as an intervention into meaning?

David Fowler’s rapid painting style and use of objects at arm’s length or immediately to hand, as an influence for meaning in a subjective record in paint, prompted Andrew Moran to consider his response, in the photographic medium. A decision was made that the genre for both sets of images would very firmly be still life, for this manifestation of their collaboration; small stories—close to hand.

Fowler’s works are oils on board and canvas paper. Moran’s images are Hahnemuhle digital print.

Image: © Andrew Moran and David Fowler
Information: | @david_c_fowler

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