Published May 2, 2022 : Exhibition

Silverhill Press Presents
Electro Studios Project Space
Open: May 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 and 20 | 21 | 22

Private view: May 14 (family friendly) 4pm to around 9pm – all welcome
“Meet the Artist” Q+A sessions on the afternoons of:
14 May : 1pm – Malcolm Glover / 2pm – Rod Morris / 3pm – Caitlin Lock.
15 May : 3pm – Anne Lydiat.
21 May : 11.20am – Julian Anderson
Launch event for the zines: May 22 12pm – 4pm

May 21st is a day of events:
John Moore, Steve Amos, Bronwen Griffiths, Ken Edwards, Ross Andrews Clifford, and Andrea Samuelson and others will be doing some poetry and prose readings in the afternoon. John Moore will also be playing an acoustic guitar set. Anthony Clayton will be reading from his book Netherwood, about Aleister Crowley in Hastings. At 6pm is a solo keyboard piece with back projected images by Elaine Edwards and texts by Ken Edwards, called Bulverhythe Variations.

The exhibition will be presenting work and publications from:
Anne Lydiat | Caitlin Lock | Amanda Jobson | Ian Land | Julian Anderson | Malcolm Glover | Guy Batey | Rod Morris | Stuart Griffiths
Peter Quinnell | 14 Months of Solitude (Alex Brattell, John Cole, Lauris Morgan-Griffiths, James Robertshaw)

We’re launching new books by:
Julian Anderson | Malcolm Glover | Rod Morris | Stuart Griffiths | Peter Quinnell | Ian Land | 14 Months of Solitude

We’re also launching zines (smaller staple bound books) by:
Sadie Hennesy | C.A. Halpin | Dave Wares | Dave Valentine | John Moore | Richard de Pesando


Silverhill Press will be posting regular updates on their online profiles:
Website | Facebook | @thesilverhillpress

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