Sunday 4 October 2020 Event
Sunday 11 October 2020 Exhibition uploads to Instagram

Instagram : @timeto_standandstare 

Time to Stand and Stare, a Runway Project (Roz Cran and Sharon Haward)

RUNWAY invite you to go with one other person, wearing black or dark clothes, to an outside space in nature and to spend some time standing in silence.

We ask you to take a photo of each other from a distance of 2 metres and to send the two photos to: or

We will upload them to our instagram site @timeto_standandstare and @photohastings instagram on 11 October. We hope this will be a wonderful display of people in quiet contemplation of ourselves in the natural world.

RUNWAY have held participatory photo walks and art events for over 10 years.  We invite people to come together outside, sometimes to walk and always to take time to stand and stare in silence.

Image Credit: Runway Project
Information: Runway on Facebook | Roz Cran

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