Veronique Leplat

© Veronique Leplat, Reminiscence#1
The work presented here is part of a series and is a personal interpretation of lockdown and the moment in history it incarnated. Time is suddenly suspended in an infinite openness. But the space is restricted, bringing a feeling of oppression. A complex and conflicting sense of freedom within a confined space. The encounter with nature comes as a salvation. The organic lines are powerfully rhythmic and full of reminiscences of the Art Nouveau movement. While the overall tone of urgency is strongly influenced from the Pre-Raphaelite collective.

Veronique Leplat graduated in 1998 from the Ecole Des Gobelins, Advertising Photographic School in Paris. She has worked as a freelance food and travel photographer for over 15 years for clients such as Hodder and Stoughton, Harper Collins, Delicious Magazine, Sunday Times Travel. She has exhibited independently in various towns; Normandy, where she is from, Paris and London.

Since moving to St Leonards 7 years ago, she has been working with local businesses on their branding and product images. She is currently carving out more time to dedicate to her own research. Her instinctive photographic practice explores personal conflicts and dilemmas, whilst aiming to create aesthetically pleasing and inspiring images.

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