Joe Charrington

From the Beneath Mercia series © Joe Charrington

Joe Charrington (b. 1999) is a british photographer working mainly in and around East Sussex. Our land is still vaguely sodden with the beliefs and intrigue of those that once aligned with it — it is woven with stories, tales and secrets that have been passed down through cascading lines of generations. Charrington’s photographs, most recently in his sussex based project “Beneath Mercia”, map out the ecological dissonance that underpins our relationship with the past and the land it blankets.

Joe also helped set up Picnic, a dedicated place for photography founded by photographer and artists Nick Ballon and Alma Haser. As well as a fully fledged photobook reference library Picnic hosts talks on photography with photo-book authors, and also process led workshops with nationally recognised photographers. Picnic is a place for anyone to sit down and be surrounded by photography, a vessel for discovery, education and visual learning.

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