Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones

© Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones, 'The Union Jack', from the body of work 'Defence Of The Realm'

Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones is a documentary film director and maker of photographs. 2024 is all about an exhibition in the summer of a long-term project ‘Defence Of The Realm’. The works unmask the brutalist beauty of the UK’s concrete sea defences that have zero chance of holding back the ever-rising sea levels. The work is a call to arms, to think beyond concrete protection and relearn to live with the natural world rather than try to control it. 2024 is also about a joint and funded project trying to reconcile the old masculine Wales of steel, coal, rugby and choirs with the new wave of diversity, climate change and a new rebel spirit. Through family traces, the memory of memory and the patina of time we hope to construct visual, emotional and imaginary visions of a new Wales.

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