Euan Baker

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Since moving here in 2021, I’ve been wandering the streets of Hastings and St Leonard’s capturing unique frames of colour, light, contrast, and fleeting moments that to the untrained eye would usually go unnoticed.
I carry my camera on me at all times. I started to notice that whenever I didn’t have it on me I would witness moments that I felt needed capturing – even when just popping to the shops.

I find approaching and confronting people to photograph can be hard, so I have adapted my style to stand back, observe and go unnoticed. I feel most comfortable at large events as they allow me to become an invisible observer, and capture moments that I would usually miss on a quiet day.

Hastings is an incredibly inviting place to photograph – it’s overflowing with unusual characters, colour, festivals, sun soaked narrow streets with peculiar architecture and urban landscapes. This all adds a sense of excitement to the mundanities of every day life. You never know what’s going to be around the next corner. So I keep walking, with my camera attached to my hip.

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