Beatrice Lacey

© Beatrice Lacey, Whispering

Beatrice Lacey`s work investigates traces of being, where she considers the accidental mark left behind. A reminder of storytelling and ghosts, shadow self and things forgotten that the accidental mark making uncovers in its own visual code. Using photography and painting as the basis of her work, she investigates the poetics of capturing the female-identified body, it’s shadow and past. Photography captures the human body in motion – when confronted with a moving form, the camera generates incomplete images – Beatrice deliberately converts this innately damaged data into the form of prints, videos and paintings. As a result the works become spectral series that draw inspiration from older and past art genres. The psychological underpinnings of Beatrice’s work are based upon the artist’s personal history and memoirs. In all her series, the human body is de-materialised, separated from the physical, and then re-materialised into a vastly altered form in her paintings.

I chose the image Whispering for my profile because of ideas about the gaze and self consciousness.

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