Agnieszka Szuba

© Agnieszka Szuba

Photography has always been a part of my commercial work, but together with music and painting, it has become more prominent in recent years.

I photograph patterns and shapes painted by light on water, on waves, on glass, on every possible surface. I search for the rhythm in random textures. I use photography to reclaim the connection with the so called real world, as at some point I realised I had somehow slid away and lost it. I am trying to find the meaningful relation between objects and light, and I think I am secretly looking for fairy tales hiding somewhere in the fragments of light I am able to catch with my camera.

My series ‘Kintsugi’ is a form of healing. Like the ancient Japanese art of fixing porcelain with gold and turning cracks into beautiful and unique patterns, I create golden threads of light to fix broken fragments of my own darkness. I re-tell the stories and make them glow.

Beyond my photographic practice, I’m a creative director with almost three decades of experience in the creative industry. I’m also an art historian and academic researcher in visual communication and neuroesthetics (being the scientific study of the neural consequences of contemplating a creative work of art).

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