17 September – 27 October 2019
Six locations on advertising boards along Hastings and St Leonards Seafront

An outdoor exhibition by Marybeth Haas as part of both Coastal Currents and Photohastings season.

Location: Three pairs of images (six total) are displayed in the advertising boards on the seafront promenade in Hastings town centre. The first two pairs are opposite the back of Debenhams, just up the ramp from the underground walkway from town centre underground car park, opposite each other. the third pair are on the next set of boards on the left heading towards Hastings Pier.

Haas comments: ‘These images are a result of my own exploration and expression of multitude conflicting thoughts and feelings about the environmental challenges we collectively face. Overall, I feel optimistic about our capacity for connecting with and caring for our environment. I also feel an urgent need for collective shifts in attitude, and frustration about how difficult it sometimes is for me to make better choices and also what I see as continuing mass complacency. We are slowly waking up to the need to change our behaviour, particularly our attachment to using plastics and habit of throwing things away after use. We still need to find motivation and inspiration to commit to making more holistic and less convenient choices.’

Information:  Marybeth Haas  |  Instagram
Image Credit: Marybeth Haas

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