Published May 18, 2023 : Exhibition review by Tracy Jones

During a last-minute dash into Solaris in St Leonards, I discovered a haven in work spanning multiple disciplines, and exemplifying an experimental approach to thinking as making. There is much to take in and ponder on.

Patrick Adam Jones has carefully selected works, from the many that he brought to the gallery, with the site-specific context of Solaris in mind. You can feel and appreciate the consideration.

Peter Fillingham in writing an introduction to the exhibition states “Jones immerses his highly informed loves of photography, landscape, measuring, painting, drawing, numbers and letters, and literature: crossing dimensions and disciplines and print technologies to either create a new language, or that very beautiful state where there is no language, just experience.

“Jones is convinced that works taken from the studio intimacy into a gallery context often leaves out the thinking patterns and experiences that remain private: well, this installation is about exposing the process with a generosity that questions our obsession with finished objectified completed works and allows the viewers to actively participate in technical and visceral making processes and forming their own deeper appreciation and enjoyment.”

I certainly enjoyed the unfinished quality of the work, sketches are thoughts in process, and the thinking is playful. From the ambiguous numbers and lines of measurement to the use of words and phrases, there is a love of language here, the meanings of which triggered by our own memories and experience. In the exhibition Jones often uses repetition in his imagery, creating stereoscopic photographs as a base point to work into. The resulting rhythm creates a sense of movement within these works and forces the viewer to look more than once at the same piece.

Of his work Jones states “In a time when we are constantly chasing technical innovation, constantly out of time, language, words, the look of them is a reassuring substitution for thought. Thought we have no time for.”

It was easy to spend time here mulling over the various works, the materials, the words and numbers.

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Article by Tracy Jones :  @tracyjones_studio
Images © Patrick Adam Jones  |  @patrickadam_jones

Exhibition is open Tuesday to Friday, 1pm to 5pm, Saturday 11am to 6pm
Now extended until 10 June 2023
Solaris – 76 Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea, TN38 OEJ  |  @solaris_print  |  @peter_of_kent

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