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ONE|TO|TEN Gallery: Exhibition No: 19, Neale Willis
– From 29 October
One-to-ten gallery in collaboration with PhotoHastings are happy to be showing the work of Neale Willis for the 2022 festival.

Information: @onetotengallery  |  Neale Willis@nealewillis

Neale Willis

“They may draw a small house, just big enough for themselves, or very high windows, since they cannot reach them.”

This installation positions child-like images taken from an AI beginning to imagine houses alongside images of the artists childhood home and its surrounding area collected when visiting through Google Maps. Unexpected similarities between the images emerge – Neale Willis 2022.

The one-to-ten Gallery is a unique instragram gallery and scaled down exhibition space (67 x 36 x 26 cm) designed and curated by @sharonhaward.

Neale Willis - 1
Neale Willis - 2
Neale Willis - 3
Neale Willis - 4
Neale Willis - 5
Neale Willis - 6

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