31 October – 13 November
St Mary in the Castle, The Crypt Gallery, Pelham Place, Hastings, TN34 3AF

10 – 6 Daily

Alison Purdy | Anne Lydiat | Claire Land | Ian Grant | Lauris Morgan-Griffiths | Lesley Parkinson | Mel Brewer | Thomas Jervis

Lesley Parkinson
In these images I am exploring my passion for the natural world and its life cycle throughout the year. I am fascinated by ponds and the still, contained water and the privacy and tranquillity of these areas often overlooked and neglected.  A timelessness and stillness surrounds them and this is what I aim to express in this work as well as highlighting the beauty of nature.

Mel Brewer
Bethnal Green Gasholders : When I first set eyes on the gasometer’s in Bethnal Green I was astonished by their construction; apart from the sheer scale of them it was the unnecessarily decorative quality of the iron work, a homage to the Victorian sense of beauty and functionality. The intricate shapes of the metal frames stand out in splendid relief against the sky, unique and impressive.
These structures along with many others throughout the country are earmarked for demolition, their redundancy and the value of urban land sealing their fate.  Casualties to progress, their loss will be felt keenly amongst those who see them as historical icons of architecture; a majestic visual link to our industrial past.

Claire Land
In this series the images shows the transient nature of people in the solidity of the familiar urban and natural landscapes of my home in Hastings.  I use an Olympus OM4, Ilford HP4 film, an ND32 filter and a rickety old tripod.
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Thomas Jervis
The work in this exhibition is a little taste of the diverse collection he has produced since his relocation to the south coast in 2002. You will notice that Thomas creates a certain painterly feel to a lot of his photographs and has done all through his career.

Lauris Morgan-Griffiths
These images were taken in Cuba. The country is dark at night, street lighting is at a premium. They are slightly abstract but I do not think of the darkness and shadows as despair – but transition. There is a dark side to Cuba’s history but the atmosphere of the country is colour, music and laughter. Stories. Always attracted to stories. It is a way of seeing the world differently, giving a sense of mystery and is something that, as often as not, makes her smile.

Ian Grant
These photos seek out the tipping point where a recognisable image disintegrates into pure colour and light. Because I’ve abandoned any interest, at least for now, in trying to represent anxiety, anger or depression in my photography, there’s a deliberate and hopefully slightly shocking use of colours and tones which aren’t commonly seen in a photographic show: bright pinks, yellows, blues, reds, gleaming whites. I want them to be graceful and beautiful. I want them to radiate pure joy.

Alison Purdy
The collection on show here at St Mary in the Castle is inspired by the sea and the local environment, using textures, colours, photographic imagery and embellishments to capture the atmosphere of our coastal town.

Anne Lydiat
The works in this exhibition are a selection of images I made in September 2016 on board the OPAL, a wooden sailing schooner, along the East Coast of Greenland and around Scoresby Sound. I have used the portholes as the lens of the ship, and a hand held mirror that reflects both what is present and already past.

Image Credit: Photographer Claire Land

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