Upstairs at Gallery 1 (with 10 independent rooms)
Open Evening Saturday 21 October 6-8pm

October 19-22 and 26-29
Open Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm
St Andrews Mews, Waldegrave St. (off Queens Road), Hastings, TN34 1SP

Featuring solo exhibitions by: Jude Montague, Ian Land, Lauris Morgan-Griffiths, Alexander Brattell, Amanda Thomas, Giles Stokoe and Toby Shaw.
+ BETWEEN STATES – Group show curated by Alison Bettles
+ ESCAPISM – Group show curated by Amanda Thomas

Exhibitions by Room

Jude Montague - Cats

Room 1. Jude Montague


Walking through Hastings cat community, encountering the popular pet that inspires many of my fine art prints. Warning this particular show includes some nonphotographic media. In presenting cats in both drawings and photographs I would like to share my relationship between looking and creating. | @montaguearmstrong

Alexander Brattell

Room 3. Alexander Brattell


Asperity is a word that emerged from this year’s pictures. A harshness of tone or manner, originally describing sour wine, bad weather and hard times.

Toby Shaw - Skateboarding

Back Rooms. Toby Shaw


Skateboarding through the bustling streets of Sydney, Australia, with the rhythmic clatter of wheels against tarmac, I weaved through the busy crowds, capturing these dynamic photos. | @TobyShawPhoto

Ian Land - Panopticon

Room 2. Ian Land

Panopticon (2021 – 2022)

Deliberate single-location diptychs, and one triptych, made in the post-pandemic, post-brexit days of 2021 and 2022. Silver gelatin work prints mounted on board. A selection from this series was published by ‘Fifthsyllable’, as number 3 of the monthly A3/4 series. | @ian_m_land


Room 4. Amanda Thomas

Fashion Forward

Amanda is a photographer with more than 20 years of experience specialising in fashion, beauty, and portrait photography. She kicked off her career by shooting rockstars and actors for magazines, always aiming to capture their dynamic and relatable sides. This approach still guides her work today.

Amanda has an editorial-style photography and a fashion-forward approach, constantly pushing the boundaries to create surprising and delightful results.

She also collaborates with the global lighting brand Profoto and shares her expertise through talks and workshops on creative lighting. Amanda has also written several articles on photography, the industry, and lighting for publications like Amateur Photographer magazine and Photo Plus, showcasing her extensive knowledge in the field. | @amandathomasphotographer


Room 2. Lauris Morgan-Griffiths

Who am I now? Feelings: good, bad and ugly
Image Caption:
Will anyone love me again?
Will I love again?

This is not all about me. These are things people have said to me over the years about relationship breakdowns; receiving devastating news; feeling alone or being lonely. . That being said I am not unscathed by devastating news, breakups and parents dying, we are all scarred in various degrees by life but it makes us who we are. Life leaves its imprint.


Giles Stokoe – Rye Harbour

Room 5. Giles Stokoe

180 Seconds of Forever
Image: Rye Harbour 

Exploring the effects of changing land use on our own wellbeing and that of the plants and animals we share our open spaces with. Is it still possible to find places that we can instinctively cherish, and which our ancestors would have been pleased to call home? | @gilesstokoe

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