Upstairs at Gallery 1 (with 10 independent rooms)
Open Evening Saturday 7 October 6-8pm

October 5-8 and 12-15
Open Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm
St Andrews Mews, Waldegrave St. (off Queens Road), Hastings, TN34 1SP

Featuring solo exhibitions by: Dan Percy, Neale Willis, Gary Willis, Imogen Bloor and Derek Cottrell.
+  A Homage to ECM – Derek Cottrell and Gary Willis

Exhibitions by Room

Imogen Bloor

Room 1. Imogen Bloor

Here, not there (there, not here)

Details of my mother-in-law’s house, taken after she died, she was complicated and memorable. She did most of the decorating herself, in bursts of great energy, often during bouts of her recurrent bipolar illness. Welcome in.


Neale Willis

Room 4 & 5. Neale Willis

Tell we can, but teach we cannot

“That is how it goes,” I said. X turned away from them and looked back toward me. I could see their marks on everything now. “What else could I have done?” | @nealewillis

Homage to ECM - Gary Willis and Derel Cottrell

Room 2. Derek Cottrell & Gary Willis

A Homage to ECM

A love of photography and jazz. Specifically ECM Records. The ECM style, not just the music, but the visual aesthetic. Hoping our photography captures the mood of the music we clearly appreciate, perhaps resembling an ECM album cover.

@derekcottrell | @garywillis.snaps


Room 6 & 7. Dan Percy

Room 6 – Why are these things here? What did this used to be? Is this familiar to me?

Room 7 – These places are no longer like this. These things are no longer useful. This is not how we talk now. Can I go back here? |

Gary Willis - Indian Walks

Room 3. Gary Willis

Indian Walks. And other stories

If you’ve ever smelled the aromas or been deafened by the noise, perhaps these snaps will evoke some memories or transport you there if you’ve never been. Everywhere magic at every turn. And now it’s here, not there.


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