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Each issue, a PhotoHastings members’ practice chosen at random, will be profiled about their work, to include images and an artist statement. We are also writing and seeking original photo-book and exhibition reviews, both regional and in London, being our nearest major city. We will also be running feature articles which we feel are interesting to our readers and subscribers, and we will be collating and sharing a listing round up of exhibitions both regional and London based in our mail-outs.

If you have any events or news to share that is relevant to the PhotoHastings community or have ideas about what you might like to see in the ezine please get in touch with us via


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Women Who Ride Bikes

Women Who Ride Bikes

This project came about after years of riding motorbikes with me asking the question, ‘how does the way we dress as female riders affect the way people treat us and what assumptions are made about us?’ I went on my first visit to the 'Women in Motorcycles Exhibition'...