1 –18 September 2016
Bottle Alley, Lower Deck, The Promenade. St Leonards-on-Sea (Warrior Square entrance)
Public space open 24 hours

Exhibiting artists:
Teresa Neal | Martin Paul Everett | Marybeth Haas | Stig Evans | Paul Windridge | Robin Hutt | Sharon Haward

Colour blind Cyborg artist Neil Harbisson sees life through the orange colour wheel, ‘Any Colour You like as Long As It’s Orange’ is a collaboration of lens based artist’s work in response to his condition. The works are installed on columns in the lower deck walkway and are printed on Corex (49cm x 100cm).

For further information contact Teresa Neal.
Alternatively see the Facebook event information

Supported By

Hastings Borough Council
AN Magazine
Martel Colour Print
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