A Painting Event
A Painting Event

The exhibition space will be open 26, 28, 29 October, 11-5pm
Live Performance 2pm Saturday 28 October
Private View 28 October 2-5pm
Electro Studios Project Space
Galleries will be open Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm
Seaside Road, St Leonards-on-Sea TN38 0AL

The artists participating in this project:
Abi Stockbridge, Caroline Gregory, Emma Harding, Helen Savage, Lesley Barker, Luiza Machado and Neale Willis (in absentia).

All photographers and film makers are welcome to come to the performance to make work, to become a document of the event.

We are coming together for a painting experiment where the traditional canvas, the surface to be painted, doesn’t hang on the wall and instead, is made into garments, borrowing our bodies as temporary supporting stretchers. What will follow is a painting exercise where we navigate the territory of interpersonal dynamics while sharing the mobile surface with the aim of producing one so called painting.

At any one time, six of us will be standing in a row wearing the canvas garments. Each artist will be responsible for their mark making decisions, unguided. More than one person could be painting at the same time. Each can change their position in the line, altering the entire painting.

Some of the challenges we will face are linked to the mobility of the canvas. The product of this exercise, once we de-robe, might occupy a space between painting and sculpture. We have a few rules: faces, hands, feet, and hair are no-go areas. There are no limitations to painting the back or front of the canvas. Our proposition creates a problem. This painting experiment is our engagement with addressing it. We will have questions and answers after the event.

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Electro Studios Project Space
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